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Mo Brooks

AL-05: Independent Candidate Mark Bray Hopes To Make It On The Ballot & To The House

by: countrycat

Wed Apr 02, 2014 at 11:00:00 AM CDT

No Democrat in the 5th district stepped up to challenge incumbent Congressman Mo Brooks this year, but local aerospace engineer Mark Bray is mounting a run as an independent.  It's a long-shot candidacy, because Alabama ballot access rules aren't friendly to independents.  However, it is possible to run and win - just ask State Senator Harri Anne Smith.Mark Bray

The first hurdle is getting on the ballot at all.  Mark Bray needs to collect signatures from 3% of of the 5th district's total vote cast for governor in the last election.  In 2010, 108,376 Madison County voters cast ballots: 3% of that total is 3,251.  The 5th district also covers Limestone, Jackson, , Lauderdale, & Morgan Counties.

If you'd like to sign the petition (and live in the 5th district!), download it here.

Bray spoke at the recent Women's Rights Rally in Huntsville, introduced himself, and discussed why he thinks the incumbent is bad for the 5th district and for Alabama.

Mark Bray's campaign Web site.

Mary Bray's Facebook page.

Today, Bray posted an op/ed on AL.com about Brooks' record.

Rep. Mo Brooks' statements on Obama, NASA, BRAC, 'endangering' his district, independent opponent says

Over the last few weeks, Congressman Mo Brooks has been in the news...and it hasn't been pretty.

He has made public statements that are irrational, illogical and false. He has shown a lack of command of the facts and a lack of discipline for leadership. This should be disturbing for the voters in this district. His deficiencies have, and continue to, hurt the citizens of North Alabama during his time in office.
We could possibly forgive this one misstep. Maybe. But, he continued last week by incorrectly blaming the Obama Administration for ending the Shuttle Program and canceling the Constellation Program. Did he forget the facts? Or did he not know them? Some of us lived both of those events and know very well that it was President Bush who ended the Shuttle Program. It was Congress who underfunded the Constellation Program (the second moon program) for so many years that it forced its cancellation. It was Congress which failed to pass a budget for more than seven years. If it were up to our Congressman, we would still not have a budget.



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More Selective Outrage From Alabama GOP On Healthcare.gov

by: countrycat

Sun Dec 08, 2013 at 15:46:20 PM CST

Taking marching orders from the latest GOP "anti-Obamacare scare manual," AL-05's Mo Brooks was on the floor of the House railing about "security problems" with healthcare.gov and advising constituents to avoid it.  Senator Richard Shelby is at work publicizing his constituents' paranoia.  GOP health care LIE

The irony?  Both men took to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & other social media outlets to warn constituents about "privacy threats."  Yep.  Did you read it using your smartphone?  Share it on your FB page & suddenly start receiving health insurance-related ads via Google ads?  Ignore the warning message that it's time to update your anti-virus software or operating system because "I want to read this security article instead?"

Then suck it up, campers, because Big Data already has the goods on you - and so do hackers, the NSA, & even the CIA.  You see, records about your private phone calls, emails, & Web surfing habits are actually profit centers for Google, Facebook, Verizon, and especially AT&T!

But it now appears that the CIA — which, to be clear, is not a domestic law enforcement agency — may have been giving AT&T as much as $10 million a year in exchange for its customer records, according to the New York Times.

Understandably, AT&T customers & shareholders would like to know more about this practice, which AT&T terms "normal business operations."

In November, shareholders of AT&T and Verizon Communications sent resolutions to the two companies demanding that they publish regular reports on how they share customer information with the government for surveillance efforts.

Now AT&T has issued a response: It’s none of your business.

Yep. If they aren't selling your data to advertisers, they're selling it to government agencies. Which, if you think about it, the latter practice really sucks: you're indirectly paying the bills when a private company pads its profits by charging your own government for the privilege of spying on you.

Where exactly was the GOP outrage when these events happened?

  • Yahoo security breach exposed 450,000 usernames and passwords. 
  • Adobe reports massive security breach.
  • Data broker giants hacked by ID theft service: "An identity theft service that sells Social Security numbers, birth records, credit and background reports on millions of Americans has infiltrated computers at some of America’s largest consumer and business data aggregators, according to a seven-month investigation by KrebsOnSecurity."  

Because anybody who pays a credit card online, applies for credit online, uses online banking, or completes any financial transaction online is at risk.  That's true whether we're dealing with private companies or governmental agencies.

While there's never a guarantee of absolute 100% security and privacy, we do have a reasonable expectation that measures will be taken to secure personal data - measures that, IMO, don't include selling it anyone with a checkbook, AT&T.

So the issue that Brooks, Shelby, & company should be pushing is data security overall.  But that's not nearly as much fun as harping on the discredited meme that "your identity is at risk on healthcare.gov so stay away..." Shamelessly, the GOP lied that the well-respected Consumer Reports warned people away from the site:

In fact, Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy division of Consumer Reports, issued a press release announcing the White House’s “interagency initiative to protect consumers from being victims of fraud while using the upcoming Health Insurance Marketplaces, including a way for consumers to report fraud through the Marketplace call centers.” In that release, the Consumer Union’s director of health reform, DeAnn Friedholm, “praised the commitment to preventing fraud and taking action against those connected with scams, while reinforcing the need for education to help consumers avoid these pitfalls.”

Other than some temporary political gain & exposure from the DC chattering class, what can the GOP possibly hope to gain by continuing their lies on this issue?  

Keep in mind that those "young invincibles" so coveted by the health insurance marketplace live most of their lives online.  Buying online health insurance is just as natural as, say, posting drunken photos of your pre-wedding party on Tumblr or uploading your resume to job sites.  The scare mongering won't work with these folks.

But where it will have an impact is with older consumers who aren't as comfortable in the cyber-world and already view it with suspicion.  They're the folks who, collectively, will use more health care dollars than younger consumers.  It could increase costs if more of them sign up, while the younger folks stay away.

It's actually kind of funny..... without even realizing it, Brooks, Shelby, Cantor, and all the other scaremongers are working to help the marketplace look even more successful!  They're driving away older, sicker people who might believe their lies making the markeplace demographic skew younger and healthier..  And in doing so, they hurt a demographic they increasingly depend on for votes at the same time

Nice work, guys.... What will you do for your next trick?


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AL-05 - Mo Brooks Appears In AFL-CIO Commercial

by: countrycat

Fri Nov 08, 2013 at 08:32:02 AM CST

Remember AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks' famous statement that he would do "anything short of shooting" illegal immigrants?  The AFL-CIO does - and so will those who watch Spanish language TV, where the nation's largest organized labor group is reminding Hispanic and Latino voters who their political friends are... NOT.AFL-CIO Immigration

Alabama's own Mo Brooks joins such GOP dim bulbs as Iowa Rep. Steve King in an ad that showcases the worst the GOP has to offer on immigration:

Iowa Rep. Steve King makes an appearance in one clip, referring to illegal immigrants “hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.”

And in multiple commercials, the AFL-CIO highlights Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks’s statement that he would do “anything short of shooting” undocumented workers in order to crack down in illegal immigration.

Tom Snyder, the AFL-CIO strategist who's leading the immigration reform campaign has this grim reminder for the party that lost the Hispanic/Latino vote by a huge margin in 2012:

“This is just a beginning. This is a down payment,” Snyder said, adding: “The Republican Party may control the immediate fate of immigration reform, but Latinos and other immigrants control the long-term fate of the Republican Party.”

The TEA party extremists, feeling secure in their gerrymandered districts, show in so many ways that they don't care about the future of the party as a whole. 
But this ad blitz could increase the intra-party skirmishing (and open warfare in some cases) between those who want it to stop being "the stupid party," and those whose ultimate goal seems to be the repeal of the entire 20th Century.
And we know which side Mo Brooks is on.
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Enough With The "False Equivalence" Narrative. The GOP OWNS The Shutdown. Period.

by: countrycat

Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 15:01:22 PM CDT

House Democrats today announced a plan to bring a "discharge petition" to the floor to force the Speaker Boehner to bring the Senate version of the continuing resolution to a vote.  If it's successful, it means that a bill that has the support of a majority of the House will actually get to vote to restart the federal government.

false equivalence
A discharge petition in the House is a long shot, but not outside the realm of possibility. Over 20 House Republicans have said they'd support a "clean" CR that matches the Senate bill. There are 200 Democrats to sign the petition & if the Republicans who have already announced their support sign on, we hit the magic number - 218. Basically, a discharge petition forces the Speaker to bring a bill to the floor. The way the rules in the House work, the Speaker has almost unlimited power over what comes to a vote - and what does not.

This gives lie to the "false equivalence" argument that it's the fault of both parties because there has always been a majority in the House who would have voted in favor of the Senate bill - and thereby kept the government running.

But Speaker Boehner is operating under the unwritten "Hastert Rule" that says the Speaker should only bring a bill to the floor if a "majority of the majority" party supports the bill. We're now living in bizarro world where an absolute majority of House members would vote fora bill that matches the Senate bill and reopen the federal government, but the Speaker won't allow a vote on the bill. And blames Democrats for his inaction.

This situation didn't happen by accident.  It's been the plan all along.  ABC News did an excellent timeline of the shutdown, but made a mistake: they started it in September.  When, in fact, this has been in the works since the summer:

  • August 7:  The Boston Globe reported that TEA Party activists were pushing a "shut it down" strategy for the budget & Obamacare:  "Despite warnings from GOP leaders that the strategy is political folly, Tea Party activists are demanding that Republican lawmakers threaten to shut down the government as a dramatic way to stop funding for the plan."
  • August 14: The conservative group FreedomWorks was urging visitors to harrangue their representatives to sign its "shut it down" letter.  Eighty did, including Senators Shelby & Sessions and AL-05 Rep. Mo Brooks.

Now, that Mo Brooks was willing to sign on to this is pretty amazing considering how dependent his district is on federal largesse.  And he's feeling the heat, trying to have it both ways by protesting that he "didn't want a shutdown" but at the same time voting for one.

The response on his Facebook page is pretty brutal:

Quit playing the blame game and just pass a CR without strings attached, then you can work out you 1% differences while we all go back to work.'

Surrender Congressman Mo Brooks. You can simply end this government shutdown by voting for a continuing resolution (CR) with no riders, basically a clean bill. I prefer the ACA to go unchallenged as it passed Congress and the President years ago and it's been judged constitutional by the SCOTUS. Holding the federal budget hostage, demanding President Obama and the Democrats negotiate with you over the ACA makes as much sense as a crazed stalker holding a gun to his ex-girlfriend's head, demanding she talk to him about getting back together. You and your peers were wrong to have started this, you are hurting individual Americans with furloughs and denied services, you are negatively impacting our national defense according to our intelligence and military leaders and you are threatening our national economy. Stop acting recklessly, represent all your constiuates and vote to pass a clean CR now. MICHAEL L. MARTIN, MSgt, USAF (Ret.)

You should have thought about the devastation this would cause the 5th Congressional District before you started drinking the tea!!!!

Whether you agree with the ACA is a non-issue. The point of a budget isn't to fund or defund things you do or don't agree with. The ACA is a law. How would you feel if the democrats refused to pass the budget until guns were illegal? Do what you are paid to do, so people can get back to work!

I don't care what you are or aren't fighting for. I just want to go back to work and get paid for the work that I do. How are your constituents (that are federal employees) in the TN Valley going to pay their bills? The ACA and 90% of the other legislation that has been passed in the last decade was pork, useless, or pay raises for Congress. We have not had a cost of living increase in years, yet every single one of our benefits costs have increased (health/dental insurance, taxes, ss taxes). You already have us over a barrel. Quit adding insult to injury! We JUST had to deal with a 20%+ pay cut for 6 weeks, now we get NO pay? We can't resign our jobs, no one is there to process the paperwork, yet we can't legally get new/second jobs as we have to have 'approval' from upper management before we can accept them.

And then there are the supporters......

Yes continue. We don't need Obama Muslim Care.Try to save usfrom a tyrant.

The Obamacare hotline is 1-800-F**KYOU 1-800-3(F) 8(U) 2(C) 5(K) 9(Y) 6(O) . Use this Obama slap in the face to the American people to not only stop Obamacare but to Impeach Obama and save this nation!

The discharge petition may be our only hope. Will the "moderate" Republicans in the House, 20 of whom have said they'll support a clean bill step up?  Or are they more worried about the TEA Party mobs than the fate of the country?

The shutdown isn't a "bug" in the TEA Party program for the country; it's a feature.


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Dear Alabama House Republicans: Compromise Begins In The House

by: countrycat

Thu Oct 03, 2013 at 10:28:18 AM CDT

What would it take to resume federal government operations?  Nobody really knows, since the House GOP keeps changing their demands.  Initially, it was to "defund Obamacare" even though, as head Obamacare-killer Senator Ted Cruz admitted to Senate colleagues, there was no plan on actually how to defund the law.  Over the weekend, the House cobbled together a ransom note wish list that included almost the entire GOP platform from 2012.GOP shutdown

And some Representatives even wanted to throw in more restrictions on birth control - because they just can't keep their hands out of women's... well, you know.

Most Alabama Representatives have reacted in a sadly predictable manner - blaming Senate Democrats & President Obama for failure to accept whatever crap legislation Boehner the TEA Party can push through the House.

Rep. Martha Roby says they have to "wait on the Senate" to act and added this nugget:

And, although she opposes the new Affordable Care Act developed by  the Obama administration, Roby says she has always opposed a shutdown  because she has learned most taxpayers in the greater River Region area  do not support it.

“I’ve never been for a government shutdown,” Roby said.

Um... the Senate has acted; she just didn't like what they did.  And if she truly opposed the shutdown, the best way to show opposition would have been to oppose the CR Speaker Boehner presented and help Rep. Peter King work to find common ground with Democrats in the House.  

Rep. Mo Brooks said that he didn't want a government shutdown - even though he also voted for Boehner's CR and has yet to sign up with King's group of folks searching for compromise.

Speaking on the floor of the House of  Representatives, Brooks said disagreements over President Obama's  healthcare program should not lead to a government shutdown - which went  into effect Tuesday with the beginning of the 2014 fiscal year.

Rep. Robert Aderholdt says it's all the Senate's fault for not rolling over:

“The House passed a Continuing Resolution to keep the federal government  funded and to stop the train wreck that is the President’s unpopular  health care law, not once, not twice, but three times and did so with  bipartisan support,” said Aderholt. “Unfortunately, the Senate rejected  our offers and refused to come to the table to find a solution.”

Spencer Bachus warned that the shutdown would have "severe negative consequences" (even though he too voted with the majority to force a shutdown) and was shocked, shocked that the shutdown forced the closure of national parks & monuments.  That in itself is pretty surprising, since Bachus is an alumnus of the GOP shutdown wars of the 1990's.  Battles that led to historic mid-term losses for the GOP in 1998.

But maybe he does remember: Rep. Bachus announced that he's jumping off the clown car in 2014.  Unlike <a hre="http://www.leftinalabama.com/diary/10640/hd104-jim-barton-another-elected-rat-jumps-off-the-gop-ship">many Alabama Republicans</a> though, he will finish out his term.

Mike Rogers hasn't said much, except that he won't collect a paycheck during the shutdown.  It's not like he does a lot to earn it when the government's operating either.

Every Alabama voter should remind these people of this simple concept:  compromise begins in YOUR house, not the Senate.  If your unwilling to work with the the Democrats who serve with you in the House, how on Earth do you propose to work with the Senate?


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What Mo Thinks about the farm bill (as if we didn't know)

by: Spydermonkey

Thu Jun 27, 2013 at 10:37:11 AM CDT

( - promoted by countrycat)

This is copied directly from an e-mail from dear Mr Mo.

  " Dear Mr. *****:

Thank you for contacting me to share your views regarding H.R. 1947, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, also known as the Farm Bill, but which should be known as the Food Stamp Bill, since roughly 75% of the bill’s cost is giving away free food stamps.

Representative Frank Lucas of Oklahoma introduced H.R. 1947 on May 13, 2013. This legislation seeks to provide for the reform and continuation of agricultural and other programs of the Department of Agriculture through fiscal year 2018.

H.R. 1947 was referred to the House Agriculture Committee on May 29. On June 20, I voted for this legislation and it failed on a 234-195 vote.

If you don’t mind, please let me share with you some thoughts about the Food Stamp/Farm Bill.

First, and foremost, this was a very difficult decision and vote for me. At varying times during the debate, I was on different sides of the “Yes” or “No” coin. As a general rule, I do not like the food stamp program, believe it is full of fraud and waste, believe it encourages idleness rather than the work ethic, and costs more money than American taxpayers can afford. Similarly, I much prefer the agriculture industry make do without so many costly subsidies and safety nets and operate as everyone is supposed to operate in a free enterprise economy.

Most voters seem to believe that, if Congress does not pass a bill on farm and food stamp programs, then both programs die. That is not the case. The “fall back” position on farming issues is legislation passed in the 1940s. If no Farm Bill passes, then the 1940s legislation governs farming issues. Unfortunately, the 1940s legislation is antiquated, does not work, would drive up farm subsidies, and would dramatically drive up farm product prices for certain farm products (like milk and cheese, for example).

Similarly, if no Food Stamp Bill passes, then old legislation becomes the default law that governs food stamp issues. These old laws are also worse than what the current Food Stamp/Farm Bill offered. Taxpayer costs would once again escalate.

A few of the positive highlights about this particular Food Stamp/Farm Bill are worth noting. The failed legislation:

1. Cut two million people off food stamps, thereby saving taxpayers a bundle over the default law.

2. Imposed a work requirement on food stamp recipients, thereby reinforcing the work ethic.

3. Eliminated direct payments to farmers, thereby saving taxpayer money.

4. Cut overall spending on food stamps and farm subsidies by roughly $4 billion per year.

Despite my reservations about the food stamp costs and farm subsidies, I concluded that the choice was between this legislation and the default laws that govern should this legislation fail. Given that choice, and while we were not being as financially responsible as I would like, the legislation saved taxpayers more money than existing law and, hence, it was best to support it with my vote. So I did.

As noted above, the Food Stamp/Farm Bill failed to pass the House because 90%+ of Democrats voted against the Bill, enough to overcome the 70%+ Republican vote in favor of the Bill. The Bill would have passed had House Democrats delivered the promised 40 votes in support of the bill. They did not deliver the promised votes.

Quite frankly, I do not know what the House Leadership will do next. I, and others, have let House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor know that we should break the Bill into two bills (one bill agriculture, one bill food stamps). Personally, I believe the House can pass a more financially responsible Farm Bill with only Republican votes and we can also pass a much more financially responsible Food Stamp Bill with only Republican votes. Time will tell whether the House Leadership will heed our advice.

Although I voted for the Food Stamp/Farm Bill this time, I am unsure how I will vote next time. If the bill is the same, I will vote the same. On the other hand, if the bill is different, I will have to consider those differences and make a decision.

Please feel free to contact me again in the future. You may wish to visit my website at http://brooks.house.gov/ for additional information about issues and legislation before Congress.


Mo Brooks
Member of Congress

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AL-05 Mo Brooks Tele-Townhall Meeting Report

by: countrycat

Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 09:16:07 AM CDT

AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks held a "tele-townhall" meeting last night, & it was remarkable in that the questions were far more disturbing (for the most part) than Rep. Brooks' answers.  Either these people really represent the GOP core constituency in this district or Brooks' call screener decided to liven things up a bit.

The first caller was pretty garden-variety.  He wanted to know when the country is going to abolish the IRS & replace it with a flat tax.

But the second question from a woman in Decatur really kicked off the crazy.  This is an exact quote:

"I'm going to only say the things you really don't want to hear and I'm going to apologize for that, sir.  I'm very concerned: I'm the mother of two children and I don't like the way our country's going at all.  This is the more corrupt government we've had, and I've been around even in the Nixon years - I'm pretty old.  And this is a corrupt government; it's corrupt through and through, and I'd like to know why we are not impeaching the President and why we haven't fired people.  If this kind of thing happened in corporate America, none of us would have our jobs.  And I think the lies we're getting coming out of Washington DC are despicable.  And I'm really concerned with how corrupt IRS is and that they're going to have access to more information with regards to our medical.  I don't see that as ever a viable solution to providing medical coverage to the people in the United States - the people who actually need it.  And I think it should be repealed immediately and I don't understand for the life of me why people are not getting behind it and why their voices are not being heard.  And also, by the way, I'm being "sequestrated" (sic) like everyone else, so I've lost a bunch of money in my paycheck and I'm pretty unhappy."

Brooks noted that she had a lot of issues and asked which he should address first.

"The corruption.  Why are we not impeaching this President?"

Rep. Brooks actually did well with that, noting the Constitution's "high bar" for impeachment. 

"While certainly, there are people who appear to have committed crimes in the various things we've talked about, there is insufficient evidence - perhaps no evidence - that Barack Obama has committed a high crime or misdemeanor, and until there is evidence, there is no legal basis for his impeachment.  We cannot remove him from office just because we disagree with his politics or because we think that he's not competent in performing his duties.  Those are not grounds.  It has to be "high crime or misdemeanor" and that is the only ground for impeachment.  For example, with Richard Nixon, he was guilty of obstruction of justice - which was a felony.  With Bill Clinton, he was guilty of perjury - which was a felony, but even then, the Senate would not convict. 

In this instance, if someone has admissible evidence that the President has committed a high crime or misdemeanor, I encourage them to come forward, but until then....   Now, while he's not doing what I wish he'd do, I don't know of any evidence that supports impeachment.  At least not now. I share your frustration, but it's what the American people elected."

But don't get too warm & fuzzy with Rep. Brooks yet.  Later in the question, he offered this tidbit:

"The defense civilian employees have been targeted for political reasons - not for policy reasons.  There is nothing in the Budget Control Act or the sequestration law that requires the President of the United States to furlough national defense employees.  There are a lot of employees in a lot of federal departments that are suffering  no furloughs.  Not at NASA and not at the new "Obamacare bureaucracy."  National defense was targeted for a variety of reasons, in my judgment."

um.... the purpose of sequestration was to take flexibility OUT of the hands of the various government departments and mandate across-the-board cuts.  Surprise, but salaries are a big expense.

Later, during a conversation about immigration, Rep. Brooks noted his preference for "people who can bring wealth with them."  Ok then... so rich foreigners are fine, but not those pesky "huddled masses." Later, Brooks was silent as a caller railed about illegal immigrants getting "welfare, social security, and government benefits" - none of which is actually happening.

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AL-03: Mike Rogers Voted For Sequestration & Whines When Cuts Affect His District

by: countrycat

Fri May 31, 2013 at 10:30:00 AM CDT

Somebody needs to educate AL Rep. Mike Rogers on the law of cause and effect as it applies to the federal budget.  When you recklessly vote for a stupid bill that requires across-the-board budget cuts with little or no flexibility, don't be surprised when those cuts hurt your district.Mike Rogers FAILED Arithmetic

Yet the AL-03 Representative is whining about the announcement to furlough 1500 workers at Maxwell Air Force Base, calling the move "political:"

“I am convinced this is political … I am convince it is solely because the administration wants as many people as possible to feel the pain, so he can say ‘this is what happens when the mean Republicans cut spending, now give me more taxes,’” Rogers said at the event at the RSA Activity Center in Montgomery.

A report by Bloomberg News estimates the furlough of 22,600 workers in Alabama will result in about $75 million in lost wages.

Rogers also advocated for beginning work now to ensure the air base was protected during any future Base Realignment and Closures, which he estimated could occur again in 2016 or 2017. The air base was among the military posts considered during the 2005 BRAC process, Rogers said.
“I want to make sure Maxwell-Gunter has what it needs to never get on the BRAC list,” Rogers said.

Ok Rep. Rogers, thanks for that fascinating glimpse into the GOP psyche...

  • Rogers IS one of those "mean Republicans" who voted to cut spending and ignored repeated warnings that federal workers and the most vulnerable citizens (like low income seniors who now wait in vain for their Meals on Wheels deliveries) would feel pain.

    Good heavens, even Mo Brooks had sense enough to realize that sequestration was going to hurt the defense budget.

  • At the same time Rogers touts himself as a deficit hawk, he's beating the drum to keep federal money coming to his own district and laying the groundwork to keep Maxwell open.

    Federal spending cuts are apparently only a good thing when they affect other districts.

Rep. Rogers, basic math isn't a liberal plot.  The budget is zero sum: when you cut a department's budget and mandate - by law - across-the-board spending cuts, well, the department has to cut spending. 

This isn't a difficult concept to understand, but it doesn't seem to penetrate the GOP bubble.

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Three Alabama Cities Make The "Top 10 Tornado Cities" List

by: countrycat

Mon Apr 29, 2013 at 16:40:49 PM CDT

Remember this gemAL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks told AL.com's George Talbot that taxpayers "should not have to fork out a nickel" to pay for property damage in areas historically vulnerable to storms." At the time, we noted that Brooks' entire district was disaster prone, but now we find out that so is much of Alabama!

The Huntsville/Madison County area has been rated No. 1 in a weather.com ranking of the top tornado cities in the country.

Birmingham is listed as No. 3 on the list and Tuscaloosa No. 4.

hMo Brooks Keystone Copmmmm.... 

Just this past weekend, there were numerous retrospectives about the horrific 2011 tornado outbreak that spawned trails of destruction across Alabama in the space of a few hours.  If we were to endure a similar situation, and the state needed to go asking for disaster relief from Washington, how might Congressman Brooks respond?

He hinted about that in January when asked about his opposition to Hurricane Sandy relief:

"We're at a point in this nation where hard choices have to be made, or the federal government is going to bankrupt the American people," he said. "We just can't keep spending money this way."

I'm a firm believer that, when people need help, they get it.  And that doesn't matter where they live, who they are, or who they voted for in the last election.  I mention that last part because I was sickened by some of the comments in this CNN article that compared donations to Boston bombing victims to the money donated to help the victims in West, Texas.

At the same time, I can understand the resentment of people on the Atlantic coast who survived a truly horrific and historic storm, only to have Congress dither and play politics with relief money.  It would be hard to blame their representatives in Congress who might be tempted to deliver a little payback to their recalcitrant colleagues.

But this is worth remembering: we're all in this together.  The storm front that hits another state today may hit us tomorrow.  The people we helped recover from wildfires will help us after tornadoes devastate our communities.  A progressive rallying cry is "People Before Profit," and I agree with that wholeheartedly.

But when it comes to disasters - whether natural or man-made - our slogan should be "People Before Politics."

Are you listening, Mo?

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TVA Privatization: "Small Government" Republicans Doing The Pretzel Twist.

by: countrycat

Thu Apr 11, 2013 at 14:55:23 PM CDT

For decades, North Alabama's been getting a pretty sweet deal on electricity rates, courtesy of the Tennessee Valley Authority.  But President Obama's budget proposal released yesterday may change that.  The budget suggests that debt concerns make make it necessary to sell TVA to private businesses.

TVA For Sale

The privatizing of TVA "can help put the nation on a sustainable fiscal path," according to Obama's budget. The passage addressing TVA closes by saying his administration intends to review options for TVA, "including the possible divestiture of TVA, in part or as a whole."

You have to wonder if this is an actual proposal, or a shot across the bow of the Republican deficit hawks who hate all federal expending - that doesn't directly affect their districts.  

Take AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks (please!), for example. Fresh off his assertion that President Obama is a "Socialist" who is "in denial" about the nation's debt, Brooks quickly changed his tune yesterday and defended this New Deal legacy program:

Brooks said that assertion is "unsupportable and inexplicable," pointing out that TVA is self-sustaining and receives no tax subsidies. Brooks also questioned if TVA's assets could be sold for a profit.

But he's willing to "consider it," only if "...President can make that case to Tennessee Valley citizens that doing so will lower the costs of electricity to TVA consumers and is in America's interests." 

Um.... isn't it written somewhere in the Conservative Bible that private industry is always more efficient than the government?  We hear that talking point all the time even though it's patently false: private businesses have the resources to stack the deck in their favor via lobbying for tax breaks and even getting guaranteed profits. 

Alabama Power executives no doubt already have their accountants busily calculating the financial windfall should the company be allowed to snap up even a portion of TVA's assets and customer base.  Unlike private utilities, TVA isn't looking to turn a profit: compare that to Alabama Power's guarantees profit margin courtesy of the so-called Alabama "Public Service" Commission.

Hold on to your wallets, campers!  This could be costly. 


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AL-05 Mo Brooks' District Gets Federal Disaster Aid After March 18 Storms

by: countrycat

Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 10:30:00 AM CDT

Waiting for AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks to reiterate his opposition to providing federal disaster aid to people who willfully live in "areas vulnerable to storms."  Because, remember: his very own district is ground zero for tornado activity in Alabama and here we are getting help from that nasty federal government that Mo loves to hate:Mo Brooks

Eight northeast Alabama counties today were approved for low-interest federal loans to help repair damages from the March 18 storms, Gov. Robert Bentley announced.

The qualifying counties are DeKalb, Etowah, Marshall, Cherokee, St. Clair, Blount, Jackson and Calhoun. Three counties in northwest Georgia were also approved for the loans.

The loans are available through the Small Business Administration. SBA officials visited areas impacted by the storms last week.

"Cleanup continues in several communities, and this assistance from the SBA will go a long way in helping our communities recover," Governor Bentley said in the announcement. "There is help available for homeowners, businesses and nonprofit organizations that suffered damage from the storms.

But... but.... just a few months ago, Brooks had this to say about disaster relief:

He also said taxpayers "should not have to fork out a nickel" to pay for property damage in areas historically vulnerable to storms.

Is this another example of helping constituents get the federal assistance they have a right to - even though people in New York & New Jersey don't?

The people in the affected counties should count their blessings that the full Congress didn't have to vote on this aid.  I'm betting that Northeast reps from both parties would have a good bit to say about this swift action - and the NO votes of many Alabama Congressmen & Senators on Hurricane Sandy relief. 

And the spring storm season is just getting revved up.  Chance of severe spring weather this week. Hang in there, campers!


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AL-05 - Congressman Mo Brooks Votes Against House GOP Leaders & His Constituents

by: countrycat

Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 07:30:00 AM CDT

The only way anyone could use the phrase "charm offensive" to describe AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks is to note that he's totally without charm and often offensive.  Even to his own House GOP leadership. You know, those guys who dole out committee appointments and control the contents of legislation with an iron fist.Mo Brooks Keystone Cop

The scuffle last week was over the "rule" for a bill that would have allowed more flexibility in managing defense cuts during the sequester.  The "rule" refers to the length of time allowed for debate, amendments permitted, etc.  It's like the guidebook for how a piece of legislation will be debated and voted on.  

From The Hill:

Votes on rules are supposed to be party-line and serve as tests of a caucus’s unity. So it was disconcerting for leaders to see so many Republicans vote against the rule they had crafted.

Worse, from a leadership perspective, is that some Republicans say they plan on doing it again if they feel leaders are limiting them from offering controversial amendments on the floor.

A source close to the GOP's whipping operation characterized it as a surprise and said some members who voted against the rule had initially said they were going to support it.

That source, quoting the popular Netflix series “House of Cards,” said the members broke the “deadliest sin” of “don’t surprise me.”
Along with Fleming and Huelskamp, and Reps. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.), Mo Brooks (Ala.), Walter Jones (N.C.), Dana Rohrabacher (Calif.) and Ted Yoho (Fla.) voted against the rule but for the funding bill.

Now, I know this sounds totally like some silly "political inside baseball," but leadership takes this stuff very seriously.  If members lie to the whip (the vote counter) about how they plan to vote and the bill fails, the leadership is publicly humiliated.  They take stuff like that personally and have no problems meting out punishment.  
AL-05 is likely to suffer the most from Brooks' intransigence It could be a long-term problem for the district, which is heavily dependent on federal spending and where the "defense budget sequester has Huntsville holding its breath"  From a May 2012 Huntsville Times article:

"Alabama ranks fourth in the nation for defense spending at 8.6 percent of its GDP," according to a briefing paper prepared for a recent Washington trip by the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County.

"About half, or $7 billion, of the state's defense revenue went to contractors and defense personnel at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville/Madison County," the report continued. Huntsville employs 36,000 people who manage more than $100 billion in federal defense spending each year, making the community fifth in the nation for receiving defense money.
One of the House sponsors is Brooks, who represents Huntsville and Alabama's 5th Congressional District. He's is a definite deficit hawk, but Brooks said Friday that defense has to remain a national priority.

And heaven help us if there's another huge tornado outbreak, because a lot of GOP Congressmen from the Northeast probably won't.

Personally, I think everybody should have voted against the bill.  Why give just defense flexibility but not include any provisions for the communities and citizens losing access to social services?

But Congressman Brooks made it a double: he angered the leadership with a vote against the rule and then voted in favor of a bad bill.


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Sewell, Bachus, & Shelby Are The Only Alabama Reps Who Supported The "Violence Against Women Act"

by: countrycat

Thu Feb 28, 2013 at 12:05:17 PM CST

This morning, the House of Representatives finally passed the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization.  House leaders had previously insisted on their own version of the bill which, among other deficiencies, provided inadequate protection for lesbians and Native American women.  The bill is now headed to the White House for President Obama's signature.

The shanda is that only 3 members of Alabama's entire 9 member Congressional delegation voted in favor of the bill.

In the House, only Congresswoman Terri Sewell (AL-07) and Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-06) supported the bill.  Mo Brooks, Mike Rogers, Martha Roby, Robert Aderholdt, and Jo Bonner continued their long membership in the "Party of NO" caucus.

In the Senate, Senator Shelby voted yes, while Sessions predictably voted no.

One interesting tidbit was the disunity among House leaders on how to proceed.  For the 3rd time since December, Speaker Boehner broke the "Hastert rule" and brought a bill to the floor that was opposed by a majority of House Republicans.

It came after a November election in which Republicans lost ground with female voters and some key GOP candidates made embarrassing misstatements on the sensitive issue of rape. 

After the Senate passed the bill on a strongly bipartisan 78 to 22 vote earlier this month, a group of 18 House Republicans wrote a letter to their leaders urging a vote on the Senate bill instead of another Republican bill. Fifty-nine Republicans joined Democrats in opposing the GOP version of the measure, a key break that paved the way for the vote on the Senate bill.

Republicans who supported the Senate bill included former vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Cantor, who had led the GOP’s effort on the issue, voted against it.

Kudos to Sewell, Bachus, and even Shelby for their yes votes on an important issue that affects women and families in this country.


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Tornado Season Approaches & National Weather Service Prepares For Sequestration Cutbacks

by: countrycat

Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 09:42:32 AM CST

Bad news for those of us who live in what AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks derisively calls one of those "areas vulnerable to storms."  As we head into peak tornado season in Alabama, we may be doing so with a hobbled National Weather Service.  tornado

According to the Federal Times:

Government managers could also face wrenching decisions on which missions and employees are most needed. For the National Weather Service to handle an 8.2 percent cut, all of its approximately 4,600 employees would have to be furloughed for four weeks, said Richard Hirn, general counsel for the National Weather Service Employees Organization. Under that scenario, Hirn saw no way for the agency to maintain around-the-clock operations at its 122 forecasting offices.

“It’s just not going to work,” he said.

hmmm... Huntsville has a National Weather Service office - one that required an Act of Congress to keep open (thank you, former Congressman Bud Cramer!)

Since the National Weather Service no longer had plans to keep an office open in Huntsville, Congressman Bud Cramer sought Congressional legislation to do this. After a decade of uncertainty, $3 million in startup money was budgeted in the Fiscal Year 2002 Commerce, Justice, and State appropriations bill for a new full service Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Huntsville.

The office was later expanded and played a critical role in providing life-saving information during the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak.

Wow.  What a change a decade makes.... Instead of a Congressman who could work with Congress to support necessary services in his district, we now have a Congressman who's main interest appears to be burning bridges instead of building them.

As the countdown clock ticks inexorably towards sequestration, the Congressman from a district that receives half of the state's defense revenue wasn't in Washington desperately advocating compromise.  No, he left that to Huntsville's mayor, County Commission, and other area leaders.  Where was Mo Brooks this past weekend?  Defending the 2nd Amendment.

If Brooks isn't interested in his own district's well being, why should anyone else in Washington care?  It's not a stretch to think that cutbacks in all areas might begin first in the districts represented by Congressmen/women who support these budget cuts.

That's us, folks!  But don't worry, we can always shoot at the tornadoes if they threaten us this spring.  If nothing else, it will give us something to do with the last 10 seconds of our lives. 


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Huntsville Clergy Members Ask Brooks, Sessions, & Shelby To Behave Responsibly On Sequestration

by: countrycat

Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 10:05:46 AM CST

AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks & Senators Sessions & Shelby won't listen to reason most of the time, but will they listen to Alabama clergy about the harm that "Sequestration" will cause?  Possibly not, since this group of Christians, Unitarians, and Rabbis is talking about helping the poor and vulnerable - not nosing about in other people's private lives. 

But at least they tried.  In an open letter to Brooks, Sessions, & Shelby, ten Huntsville-area religious leaders are pleading for compromise and a solution that helps the poor and middle class instead of hurting them.

I received a copy from Rabbi Bahar, who authored the letter with input from her fellow ministers.  AL.com has the entire text, but here are a few excerpts:

This crisis does not simply affect people in Washington. Families who are members of our congregations will face significant salary cuts. Some of these people are already living on the edge and cannot afford to have a reduction in their compensation. The Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that as a result of this act, 1 million people will lose their jobs, including not only government employees, but also small business owners whose clientele are government workers.

We are not arguing about the need to reduce the deficit, but simply that the use of sequestration -- a blind, massive spending cut which would hurt not only families who work as contractors but also programs affecting the poor and impoverished members of our community -- is not a responsible way of addressing the deficit situation.

Our approach to these serious problems needs to be rooted in our values of compassion and justice. We need to be good stewards of what we have. Compromise should prevail as the method to solve problems; grandstanding and the need to be correct fails to recognize the possibility that multiple approaches to problem-solving exist.


Please realize that you, as our elected officials, have been given power and a responsibility.


So we ask you, those whom we have sent to speak on our behalf, to speak loudly and clearly for the citizens of Alabama and work to resolve this impending crisis before the March 1st deadline in a responsible manner, a manner that considers the well-being of not only the citizens of Alabama, but also our entire nation.

Well said, but sadly, it will probably fall on deaf ears.


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AL-05 - Blame Mo Brooks

by: moonbeam

Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 09:31:27 AM CST

( - promoted by countrycat)

Why isn't District 5 outraged at Mo Brooks right now??  He just spoke to Washington Update Luncheon yesterday and said there is no "pain-free solution" to solving the sequestration cuts set to go into effect next week.  Am I the only one who is outraged by that statement??  What has Congressman Brooks done to STOP sequestration?  Absolutely NOTHING!  Our mayor, Tommy Battle, is going to Washington to do Mo's job for him!!!  (Battle issued this plea for action from Washington.)Mo Brooks

North Alabama has been insulated from the economic crisis because of the Arsenal & MSFC.  But that will all change if the sequestration takes effect.  Don't get me wrong, I believe that defense spending is bloated, and the government contracting world is evidence of that.  However, there is a better solution than the sequestration.  If these cuts go through at the expense of our progress out of recession, have we actually acheived anything?? 

Wake up District 5.  If everyone on the arsenal only works 4 days a week and doesn't get their whole paycheck, what do you think that will do to Huntsville's economy?  That means less buying cars, movies at Bridgestreet, fancy new cell phones, charity contributions, etc. 

Sequestration effects all of us whether you work in Defense or not. If this goes through, I hope everyone realizes that this is the result of electing Mo Brooks.  


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AL-05 - Congressman Mo Books Holds Town Hall Meeting in Madison Tonight at 7pm

by: countrycat

Mon Feb 18, 2013 at 10:07:03 AM CST

Come one, come all to hear and talk with Congressman Mo Brooks about important national issues tonight in Madison.  The meeting begins at 7pm at Madison City Hall, 100 Hughes Road, Madison, AL  35758.  Admission is free and all are invited.Mo Brooks

From Congressman Brooks' Web site:

Constituents are encouraged to come visit with Congressman Brooks about issues such as the debt ceiling and federal budget facing the Fifth Congressional District and the nation. 

For more information, please contact the Congressman's Huntsville District Office at 256.551.0190 or by visiting brooks.house.gov.

Given that this is "Severe Weather Awareness Week" in Alabama, it might be a good time to ask our Congressman how he plans to make nice with his fellow Representatives from the Northeast. There's a good chance that those people have long memories and won't fall over themselves to help the district of the man who said this: taxpayers "should not have to fork out a nickel" to pay for property damage in areas historically vulnerable to storms."

They're sure to point out this unfortunate fact:

"During the 56-year period of the study, 68 tornadoes have touched down within the 20-mile circle. Five of the tornadoes were rated F5, the most violent of all twisters.

Tatum said that North Alabama tends to receive more strong tornadoes, those rated F3, F4, or F5, than other parts of the state."

Should be quite the meeting.


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Rogers, Bachus, & Bonner Co-Sponsor Bill To Replace Federal Tax Code With... Nothing.

by: countrycat

Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 10:33:56 AM CST

Last year, Alabama ranked 11th among all states in the amount of federal spending per capita.  We raked in approximately $56.5 billion in four categories: defense, health care, Social Security, and other.  At the same time we're receiving far more than we send to DC, most of our elected Republican representatives do nothing but whine about "out-of-control" spending.Republican Stupid

Well, Congressmen Mike Rogers, Spencer Bachus, & Jo Bonner have stepped in to help save the state from its "welfare queen" ways.  They're co-sponsoring a bill (HR352 - Tax Code Termination Act) that will eliminate the federal tax code in 2018. Only Social Security and Medicare spending survive.

The bill's sponsor is House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte, a man who doubts whether Medicare & Social Security are constitutional.  I guess the GOP decided that both programs are needed - if for no other reason than to keep their base alive and voting.

This bill will eliminate about 60% of federal revenue and it's not just foolhardy: parts are unconstitutional.  The bill requires a 2/3 vote by both Houses to delay the 2018 deadline.  But a bill to delay implementation would have to be introduced in a different Congress and the sponsor could set his/her own rules it, so legal scholars say the 2/3 provision is unenforceable.  

In 1932, in Reichelderfer v. Quinn,the Supreme Court ruled that ..."the will of a particular Congress ... does not impose itself upon those to follow in succeeding years." Congress can declare a public policy, but cannot "deprive itself of the power to change that policy."

Imagine the havoc massive cuts would wreak on Alabama's budget - not to mention the entire national economy.  Good heavens, the Republican supermajority already insisted on dipping into the state savings account last year to fund basic operating expenses.  By 2018, you know they'll have blown through every cent we have - and then some.

But Rep. Goodlatte has the idea that looming massive cuts to defense and domestic spending will force, yes force both sides to come together and craft an alternative acceptable to his 10th Amendment "make America more like Somalia" crowd. Because that strategy worked so well last year, right?  Blue Virginia said it best:

So far, I simply see Congress, House Republicans in particular, simply kicking that can of fiscal dynamite down the road for a couple of months and refusing yet again to face reality. Goodlatte's latest fiscal folly, HR 352, would do nothing but put the broken tax code in the same place that the budget has ended up - held hostage by rigid ideologues on the right who have no idea of how to govern a representative democracy. 

It's no surprise that Rogers, Bachus, & Bonner signed on to this silliness.  What is shocking is that AL-05's Mo Brooks has not.  At least, not yet.



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AL-05 - Dear Mo Brooks: Your Entire District Is A "Disaster Prone" Area

by: countrycat

Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 17:09:16 PM CST

... and the biggest disaster of all is that we (well, some of us) elected a Congressman who deftly combines the empathy of Mitt Romney with the social skills of Parker Griffith. It's a toxic combination.  As peak tornado season approaches in Alabama, Mo's mouth may cause state residents no end of trouble.

Alabama severe weather
As we're being warned to batten down the hatches tonight and prepare for high winds and possible tornadoes, we can't help but recall the AL-05 Congressman's callous response to Hurricane Sandy disaster aid:

AL-05 Congressman Mo Brooks told AL.com's George Talbot that taxpayers "should not have to fork out a nickel" to pay for property damage in areas historically vulnerable to storms."

Yet the heart of AL-05 is, according to an 2007 storm study, "the most tornado-prone spot in Alabama."

Hey, if we can dig those quotes out, so can all those Congressmen from the Northeast.  And those guys from New Jersy don't play around: they have long memories.  Just ask Governer Christie.


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AL-05: Parker Griffith Bites Both Hands That Have Fed Him

by: countrycat

Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 14:59:36 PM CST

Like the villain from a slasher movie, former Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith (D/R - Turncoat) just won't go away.  And for some reason, the Huntsville Times saw fit to pass off an interview with Griffith as "news."  The article is marginally interesting as Griffith throws verbal bombs at his new friends:Parker Griffith

“I think the Republican Party is a snowball headed to hell right now and has no idea how to attract the Hispanic or the black vote,” said Griffith...

“It’s very hard to be a Republican when the current leadership of the Republican Party in Madison County would not admit Ronald Reagan into their ranks as he could not pass the litmus test of their conservative ideology,” said Griffith.

He said the Madison County Republican Party appears to be “a safe harbor for mean-spiritedness, intolerance and racism.” He said outreach efforts will not draw in younger members until the old leadership steps aside.

He actually has a point with that last bit.  The Madison County Republican Party is truly the tinfoil hat haven of North Alabama.  It harbors current Congressman Mo Brooks, noted birther Hugh McInnish, and a cabal who requires a loyalty oath to run for office.

This bunch was, however, smart enough to try to keep Parker Griffith out....

The fun part comes when Griffith brazenly continues his "Democratic suck-up campaign" and and tries to re-write his history with Nancy Pelosi:

He said Democrat U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, is “the best American in Congress” and that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., are both extremely effective

Extremely effective?  Really? Here's how he described both Waxman & Pelosi in 2009:

"Nancy Pelosi's ego and (President Barack) Obama's ego and Waxman's ego are all involved."

And he still couldn't shut up about then-Speaker Pelosi...

Griffith laughed and said, "If she doesn't like it, I've got a gift certificate to the mental health center."
Griffith said that if matter came up for a vote today, "I would not vote for her. Someone that divisive and that polarizing cannot bring us together."

Enjoy your dinner at the Last Chance Political Cafe, doctor.  The hostess is paging you now:  "Griffith!  Party of One!"


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