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AL-05: Cheryl Baswell Guthrie Burns Through More Cash

by: mooncat

Thu May 29, 2008 at 15:11:48 PM CDT

Cheryl Baswell Guthrie, Republican candidate for the seat being vacated by Bud Cramer has dumped an additional $21,687 into her campaign.  That's on top of the $90,500 she put in on Tuesday and $33,000 last Friday.  Her total self funding is now $457,211.

I swear, that woman might as well be standing in the middle of Highway 72 burning twenty dollar bills.  That would be 22,860 individual bills, so it might take longer to actually burn the money (5.3 days at 20 seconds to burn a bill) than it's taking her to spend it.

mooncat :: AL-05: Cheryl Baswell Guthrie Burns Through More Cash
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Lennon and McCarthy on CBG (4.00 / 1)
Can't buy me love, love
Can't buy me love

I'll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright
I'll get you anything my friend if it makes you feel alright
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I'll give you all I got to give if you say you love me too
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Lennon and McCarthy on David Maker (4.00 / 1)
I am the eggman (woo), they are the eggmen (woo), I am the walrus,
Coo coo, kachoo.

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You got the lyrics right (4.00 / 1)


That is all. 

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
- John Adams

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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (4.00 / 2)
I was confused by the lights, sorry. McCartney a Beatle, McCarthy a Nut 

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Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers (4.00 / 1)
That grow so incredibly high

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
- John Adams

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If, just-a if, you could be any animal, what would it-a be? (4.00 / 1)

Weekend Update Exclusive Report Father Guido Sarducci..... Jane Curtin... .....Paul McCartney .....Linda McCartney

 Father Guido Sarducci: Yes. We are gonna show the tape, for sure. But I just want to aks you one more question, if you don't mind. It's very important, people want to know..

Paul McCartney: It's not about marijuana, right?

Father Guido Sarducci: No.. This is a question I really hate to ask you, 'cause I know everyone always asks you this-a question, but I'm a journalist, I have to do it, if you don't mind. Paul: If, just-a if, you could be any animal, what would it-a be?

Paul McCartney: Any animal?

Father Guido Sarducci: Any animal.

Paul McCartney: [ thinking ] Koala bear.

Father Guido Sarducci: Koala bear! Did you hear? Koala bear! Is that the little animal all the time, they eat eucalypse leaves, they get-a stoned all the time! Well, you heard it - koala bear! Well, that's it. And you can take it back, America! Paul McCartney: Okay, play the tape!



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Angelo Mancuso (0.00 / 0)

Dr. Angelo Mancuso just dropped an additional $87,000 into his campaign.  That makes $197,000 he's chipped in.

Surely he and Baswell Guthrie wouldn't be dumping their own money in at this rate unless they thought they have a chance.  Where does that leave Peanut Parker?  Doesn't he have any personal money to burn on his campaign?

Work harder and work smarter!

207K for Angie (4.00 / 1)

I talked to a member of the local GOP today and apparently Doc Mancuso has the liberal democrat wing of the republican party locked up. LOL.

He had words of praise for CBG too (sounded like mooncat). CBG has gone negative on Peanut (accused him of lobbying to take jobs and money from N. Alabama). My GOP aquaintance said Dale Jackson lowered the boom on CBG this morning.  

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Thanks (0.00 / 0)

My math gene let me down there.  $120K + $87K = $207K for Mancuso.

Darn!  I missed Dale this morning. 

Work harder and work smarter!

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CBG is stalking me (4.00 / 2)

She called again. Okay the first time I was flattered, CBG was calling to invite me to participate in a conference call, the second time I was amused, a week had gone by, maybe she had something new to tell me. But the third time, one night later, this is getting weird.

Now I admit I am easy to talk to, and I do have an open mind, But dammit Cheryl, I need space.

On a serious note she said she had agreed to appear on the Dale Jackson Show once a month. Is DJack the republican King/Queen maker?

DJack, you have talked to all the repubs, what are your predictions?

The Kingmaker (4.00 / 3)

If I was betting money, I would say Parker vs. CBG in a very expensive runoff.

 As for "lowering the boom," all I questioned was her campaign press releases claiming she raised big buck (to make her look legit) getting removed from her website. I also thought her ads attacking Wayne Parker for not disclosing his lobbying ties were ridiculous, especially since I know he mentioned in the channel 19 debate and on my show.

Do better.

Dale, I have to say you were right - mooncat

You're an entertainer son! -Parker Griffith

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Peanut vs CBG (4.00 / 1)

Wayne seems to be the candidate of the old guard. He has shown a decent ability to raise funds and people like him. CBG has dropped a lot of her own cash in the race and seems to be fighting with Mancuso for 2nd.

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Djack (4.00 / 1)
I missed your CBG interview, but it was described to me as       "Boom boom! out go the lights"

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Shameless plug (4.00 / 1)
www.wvnn.com click on the "Attack The Vote" link. All the interviews are there.

Do better.

Dale, I have to say you were right - mooncat

You're an entertainer son! -Parker Griffith

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Well, if she did stand in the median of Highway 72 burning $20 bills (4.00 / 1)

She might be noticed.  Should she be in the turn lane just west of Enterprise, or would the Jordan Lane intersection be better? What about the Memorial Parkway overpass?

Would that translate to votes on June 3?  Not so sure.  Commitment to a mental health facility, probably a slam dunk.

On a separate but related note - Mooncat, where did the 20 seconds to burn a $20 com from?  Is that experimental data?  How many data points?  I guess this blogging wheeze is more lucrative than I thought.  Who knew? 

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
- John Adams

Burning a $20 bill (0.00 / 0)

Research.  I let these guys do the research for me.  It took them a little more than 20 seconds, but they were low on the learning curve. 


Work harder and work smarter!

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The hypocritical bitch (4.00 / 1)

Let me tell you, this woman will NOT work for us the people as she claims that she will.  My husband and I hired this woman to be our attorney, we fell into a horrible building ordeal where we signed our property over to our builder because we were told "we had to".  After seeking legal advice from one attorney we THOUGHT we were covered but later found out we were not. ( attorney at that time was not Cheryl )  Long story short is the house had/has many flaws.... but the ONLY way we were going to get our family land back was to continue with closing and accept the house as is.  We hired Cheryl Baswell-Guthrie, P.C. prior to our closing.  She was paid a nice retainer fee and we were told due to financial situations the rest would be "at the back end" meaning after settlement.  After we were advised to walk from our closing 2 times because she didn't want us to sign acceptance of property.. even though our lender said that would NOT limit our right to seek litigation against the builder for contractural or workmanship, my husband and I decided to go ahead and close and "accept" the house so we would gain our family land back.  We contacted our attorney Cheryl to see where we stood with litigation against our builder and were told to drop off all closing documents and set an appointment in 10 days to discuss, after she had time to review the closing documents.  We did that, and when we arrived for our scheduled appointment, not only did we have to wait for an hour, she forgot why we were there.  HELLLLLO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GETTING PAID FOR    We concluded our meeting and later sent an email asking for an update... and where our money went that was supposed to file documents she never filed..... to date, no response.  My husband and I terminated her as our attorney effective immediately, as well as filed a complaint with the Alabama State Bar.  If anyone is interested in the letter sent to her, let me know as well as what I sent to the Bar Association...   I have to apologize in advance as I am not a "political" person...and don't keep up with the campaigns all that much, with four kids it is hard to keep the channel off Cartoon Network... but I can tell you I hear her campain ads and am disgusted!  I know this was a LONG blog, thank you for reading and take it first hand...... DON'T VOTE FOR HER!

Wow! (0.00 / 0)
Sorry for your unpleasant experience.  Hope you were able to get your property back.

Work harder and work smarter!

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To Mooncat (4.00 / 1)
by the way mooncat, I am sure that what I paid for retainer fee and the additional 1000 paid for filing documents she never filed... that went to her campaining!!!  That is total BS

Looks like everything she has is going to her campaign (0.00 / 0)
But I guess your experience was recent, huh?

Work harder and work smarter!

[ Parent ]
Yes (4.00 / 1)
Very recent.....

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