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Had my coffee and dont give a

by: SaintSatinStain

Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 13:54:35 PM CST

Say this again, I'll compel boredom in some, irritation in some, and anger in others.

I dont give a     .

(No, the cats didn't censor me.)

I watch the news conference of the President, hear the insistent question, why he won't negotiate with the Republican
He's made cuts.
The USA must
pay its bills.

SaintSatinStain :: Had my coffee and dont give a
What the Republican hostiles want
more money unfairly given to the uber rich,
more money given to corporations to encourage job growth that never occurs,
more success in ridding the USA of Social Security,
and the other give aways to most of us.

They dont call give aways to the corporations
and rich give aways.

They call it encouragement to job

Where the        jobs?

The rich live and think just as the rest of us live and think.  Some few wise, some few smart, and the rest dumb as a     without a condom.

Dumb folk prove the resilience of our species, so far, but it won't serve us well for ever. Dumb folk dont learn; they elect and reelect the same folk who      them over.

Smart folk learn from mistakes of others, but few folk read an accurate history nowadays.

Hell, few folk read.

Wise folk carefully examine their own behavior, make few mistakes, if any, and avoid all but the consequences even the wise suffer such as a drunk dumb motorist.

Some wise rich know that if we others have more money we can buy the goods, services, and ideas they produce.
Simple, elegant economics.
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett get richer
as we have more money; that's how an economy grows.

Now my imagined antagonist says, outsource saves money, produces cheaper goods, yadayadayada et cetera; yet never explains that their factories safer here than in countries they outsource to save expenses.

They dont explain that the folk in power in India, China, and other places they outsource steal our methods and ideas, so one day they kick us out, have own domestic
competition better us.

See, some American capitalists believe in a pure, ideal capitalism, while the Chinese  practise what's better for them. They give economic possibilities to their people, so blunt urge in them to change governance.

Look at trade deficits.

They will even poison us to make a profit.
Look at some of the recalls of Chinese made products.

You, most of you, not us, because I dont agree with you, though I suffer your stupidity, yes, you responsible for election and reelection of senators and representatives who only have to say things that dont hurt your families financially:

gay marriage;

tree huggers as name for folk who want the species to survive a few thousand years more;

religion not allowed in schools, when you know its not allowed introduced by government employees such as teachers and principals, yet students may constitutionally start religious clubs.

Yeah you dumb ass electorate, you dont really have the basic sense and rational greed
to feed your own families; you elect
folk who have convinced you they must rob you, Peter Poor, Peter Middleclass,
to pay Paul Rich to produce jobs I haven's seen yet.

Have you?

The President's news conference where reporters try to practise a spurious equality among the several sides. They question as if the Republicans and the President are equally to blame, though he has done spending cuts, wants to decrease the deficit responsibly.

Why this spurious equality of ideas and actions?

President Obama and family guilty
of living in the White House while black.

It's the Jackie Robinson syndrome, President Obama was chosen by the Democrats and left because he's a grownup, calm, and won't viciously retaliate, even verbally.

He was reelected by a majority for the same reason.

The expectation by all, he will take the disrespect, vitriol, abuse, and all the other bullshit because he's the first black President and must behave not too far short of saintly.

I sometimes fantasize,

he get gangster on their asses.

Then remember,

he's wiser than I am

and you, dumb     s.  

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