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Two results for good from the reelection

by: SaintSatinStain

Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 14:47:26 PM CST

Two results for good from the reelection of President Obama:
one, he was reelected, he’s a president who wants to help racists and non racists; two, his reelection outed the racists in America.

We, their neighbors, know who they are, so we can now keep our children away from their pernicious influence.
SaintSatinStain :: Two results for good from the reelection

Two results for good from the reelection of President Obama:
one, he was reelected, he’s a president who wants to help racists and non racists; two, his reelection outed the racists in America.

We, their neighbors, know who they are, so we can now keep our children away from their pernicious influence.

I dont say that 47 percent of the electorate are racist, probably half of the folk who voted for Mr Romney are just stupid.

I defy an older relative, her admonition, you can catch more flies with honey.

The electorate are humans, not a species as benign as flies, and the Republicans, most of their base, will not be convinced by honeyed words. Hell! President Obama tried that; it doesn’t work.

White men, mostly the older ones, say in their disrespectful behavior and tropes that a black president cannot exist, must not.

To them a black president an atrocity, repugnant.

I see them plainly now, some call me friend, believe I’m their friend, and maybe am, because I have always had friends who were racist, sexist, ageist, other-     ists which should never exist in a
sane, humane society.

You can’t avoid such folk and live in society.

Hell, some my kin.

This country ain’t sane and the humane trait in a few Americans can’t save it.

We tend toward inhumane and irrational; no goodness to save us, no rational self interest.

Racists in this society who support financially black stars in the pro sports, who are millionaires, who only give their fans entertainment, no real sustenance for their families. They buy products hawked by these millionaires; they buy their gear make them richer.

Many these same racists cannot get behind and support a super star president, though not left enough, President Obama who helped them, us, in the past four years, wants to help us,them, in the next four.

I understand that humane doesn’t motivate these racists; I understand that rational thought doesn’t exist in the brains of these racists; I dont understand how they’re devoid of primal selfishness, that drive to survive and feed their children.

That man in the White House is a smart assed nigger, went to some of the finest schools, so you racists should allow him do his job, clean up the dung left by previous

Coloured folk always have to clean up white folks’ mess.

He works for all .

He works to improve the lives of the racist white folk who want to call him nigger, but use as euphemisms the tropes of politics and social rejection.

The red states have more people on the take from the federal government, welfare and government contracts.

The red states get more federal monies than they contribute.

The blue, most blue states get back less than their contribution to the federal government.

Blue states support the red states, a commentator on MSNBC stated.

I dont document this, you know how to use Ixquick, Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines so you document it to refute me.

Yeah, facts.

Some facts kill you you dont know them, accept them, live them.
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