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I got back wednesday before last

by: SaintSatinStain

Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 12:12:03 PM CST

from the Village. Went for a week, stayed over two months.

I didn't want to come back to Alabama, so stayed over two months and pedaled my Giant hybrid to Adirondacks and felt safe among the sane wildlife.

The woods safe, no Republicans, no Democrats, no homo saps to spoil nature much. I feel safe among rattlers, copperheads, deer, cougars, and other sane species.

But, I thought, what if President Obama missed a win in Alabama by one vote,
SaintSatinStain :: I got back wednesday before last

so I foolishly, the forlorn hope, returned on Amtrak to B' ham, then Greyhound to Huntsville two wednesdays ago to vote the next week to help the President win Alabama.


I celebrated my personal new year at 2310 november 3.

I lived until 70.

I, a sage now, say unto you, you
better bloody behave.

Probably stay here awhile, though ain't safe among the mad hereabouts.

Obama didn't win 'bama; most here had reason to vote for him, didn’t.

In the rest of the country

President Obama won
                                               with as varied a vote as Americans for 53% were white, 24% black, 14%Latino(2), 4% Asian (3), 2% Other.

You see the trend?

Democrats, progressives, liberals, and moderate dont freak it up; I was a Republican when the Democratic Party the racist party.

Republicans voted in higher percentages for
the ‘64 Civil Rights bill.(4)

It changed, racists fled to the Republican Party; although some Republicans say it ain’t so.

It’s so.

Even racist folk dont like called racist.

Lincoln wouldn’t turn over in his grave; he’d drive a Lincoln into Republican H.Q. and back up and crash it again.

He’d send Sherman in a tank.

Many Alabamans dont realize many of their grandchildren live duskier, dont think, I'm white, and listen and boogie to hiphop, jazz, blues, and rock & roll. 

More and more yearly, monthly, and daily grow duskier in their brains. When they get to the dark side they see the light.

They first think subversive, think nigger, freak their parents, but then, eureka!
yo’ vey, they emerge what their genetics whisper, you’re African, and become human for real.

I know some here at Left in Alabama flinch when any say, nigger. I understand, and I’m glad you dont like it, even when an African American says it.

saint satin stain,

I just like to fake with your brains, nigger.

Yeah, I used fake for the rhyme.

Sorry to shock you. Sit down, you may faint.

White folk,
you come from Africa way back yonder.

Yeah, you’re human if you really embrace it and vote for the best human for the job.

Obama won.
America too.
Republicans lost.

Yet we really lose too when our lost brothers and sisters in  Republican Party can’t change and wander lost in America.

They can’t find the American ideals in their brains.

Other trope overworked, heart pumps blood.

Too Republican’s tortuous brains retain atavistic trait, tribalism, racism, some folk evolve away with enquiry, meet new folk, learn history math science, and dance to the music.

Unless you’re Martian or Klingon you African, Caleb;
you’re African, Melissa Jo, so start act like it.

Act bloody human.
Act bloody humane.

Some you black folk, tempted toward the white side, should listen too.

No more white power, no more black power. Powwow with other folk, and just know they like you, heart beats, skin keeps the water in, and live, and love.
Dance to the music, babe.


If you can’t join in,
persist in your racial sickness,
continue to pursue goals to relegate women, and all others you see as other to a new slavery

what do we do with you?

We can’t trust you to live
among decent folk.

What do we do to you?

What will that do to us,


2 Hispanics constituted 16.7 percent of the nation's total population.


3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_American
They comprise 4.8% of the U.S. population alone, while people who are Asian combined with at least one other race make up 5.6%.

4 http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2011/10/08/sharpton-doesnt-know-higher-percentage-republicans-democrats-voted-ci
 The House version of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supported by only 61 percent of that Chamber's Democrats versus 80 percent of the Republicans.

More importantly, it was Republicans that ended a Democrat filibuster preventing a vote on this bill in the Senate. 82 percent of Republicans voted for cloture versus 66 percent of Democrats.

In the final Senate vote on the Act, 82 percent of Republicans voted "Aye" versus 69 percent of Democrats.

Just for good measure:


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