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AL Representative Hurst to Reintroduce Human Castration Bill

by: leehedgepeth

Fri Oct 25, 2013 at 08:22:15 AM CDT

(Another brilliant idea from the Alabama Legislature. - promoted by countrycat)

Alabama’s 35th District House Representative Steve Hurst has vowed to reintroduce a bill next legislative session that would provide for the physical castration of convicted child molesters whose victim was younger than twelve. Steve Hurst Castration Bill

Representative Hurst attempted to pass the bill the last session, as well as twice more before that, but it did not make it out of committee review.

While Hurst admits that the bill is of questionable constitutionality, he has made unequivocal statements that a possible court challenge is not a detractor for him.

“The only way this is going to be tested in federal court is if the bill passes and somebody wants to file suit on it.”

In essence, if we don’t pass it, how will we ever know?

The bill includes provisions that would proscribe castration only for offenders over 21. However, any offender forced to undergo the procedure would be required to pay for it.

Many civil and human rights groups are outraged. In March, Amnesty International released a statement condemning chemical castration as “inhumane treatment” “incompatible with human rights.”

The specific type of castration required by the proposed legislation, however, is even more invasive. As Hurst himself explained, instead of chemicals being used to prevent libido and sexual efficacy, under the proposed law “they would take [the offender’s] testicles out.”

According to a 2012 CNN report, while several states have chemical castration statutes, Alabama would be the first to go this far. When asked about chemical as opposed to physical castration, Representative Hurst said that the chemical option is “not strong enough.”

“If [physical castration] were to keep one child from being molested, then it would be worth it,” he commented.

Four years ago, the Council of Europe’s Anti-Torture Committee criticized the Czech Republic for the exact same practice, calling the process “invasive, irreversible, and mutilating.”

The next Alabama legislative session begins in January of next year.

Hurst's district includes Calhoun & Talladega Counties.

leehedgepeth :: AL Representative Hurst to Reintroduce Human Castration Bill
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Many problems with this.... (0.00 / 0)

First is the cost.  It's well past time for the legislature to stop passing laws that they know will be challenged in court - and make the state look stupid.  No doubt Hurst would also join Cam Ward in his quixotic quest to "ban sharia law" in Alabama, so I wonder if he has any capacity to recognize irony.  After all, they still cut the hands off theives in Saudi Arabia.  Will that be Hurst's next bill?

Second is that even this extreme a punishment may not work.  From USA Today:

While lawmakers in a growing number of states are enacting legislation to mandate castration for sex offenders, a surprising number of sexual predators are clamoring to undergo this procedure. The politicians are driven, no doubt, by the public's gnawing fear of crime, even as crime rates nationally are declining. But what is it that pushes sexual predators to want to give up their virility? I suspect it's that they understand better than the rest of us that rape and most other sexual offenses have little to due with sex — and more to do with physical domination.

Castration isn't likely to stop a sex offender from preying on people. It will only change the way these predators go about their crimes. As Florida prosecutor Jerry Burford told the St. Petersburg Times: "I get a lot of people who are impotent that still commit sexual battery. It's not their gonads that cause them to commit sexual battery. It's their heads."

And Slate:

Even if a castrated man can't maintain an erection, he can temporarily reverse the effect by taking testosterone. Also, rapists aren't necessarily driven by sexual desire; a lower sex drive won't prevent attacks that are motivated by a desire for power.
urgical castration, also called orchiectomy, involves the physical removal of the testicles, which produce 95 percent of a man's testosterone. However, the small amount still produced by the adrenal glands could be enough to allow some sexual function to remain. According to one study from the 1960s of about 1,000 German sex offenders who had been castrated, 65 percent men immediately felt their libido plummet, but 18 percent were able to have sex 20 years later.


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