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Nancy Pelosi Challenges GOP To Put Up Or Shut Up On Middle Class Tax Cuts ... & Get Back To Work

by: mooncat

Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 10:15:00 AM CST

Congress could vote today to preserve tax cuts for income of $250,000 or less, except for two little snags:

  • The Republican leadership won't let the bill come up for a vote
  • John Boehner's Congress only works 2 days a week and they've already put in their time this week.

To address the first point, Nancy Pelosi challenged her fellow House members to sign a discharge petition Rep. Tim Walz filed on Tuesday to force a House vote on extending the middle class tax cuts -- that's the only way to get around Boehner's roadblock.  So far, 178 members have signed.  No Republicans yet, so please keep the pressure on your GOP congresscritter.


“So, today on the floor of the House, the Democrats have proposed a discharge petition, which if it receives 218 signatures – that’s only a couple dozen Republicans joining the Democrats – would automatically come to the floor and I predict, would receive the overwhelming support of the House of Representatives.

“The American people want us to work together. We are in agreement on this subject. Why? Why, my Republican colleagues, can we not vote on something where we have agreement? Where we have fairness? That will work to create jobs, to reduce the deficit, and will again, have fairness. This is the heart of the matter that is holding us here as the public watches – what is this about? This is about the $250,000 line that the President said in the campaign that he would honor and that this legislation today brings to bear.

“I urge my colleagues – out of 435 Members of the House, we only need a couple dozen Republicans to sign the discharge petition. Each one of them holds the key to a $2,000 tax cut for the middle class. Either sign the petition, urge the Speaker to bring the bill to the floor, or explain to your constituents why you do not want them to have this $2,000 tax break if they are – for 100 percent of the American people. Please sign the discharge petition. Let’s get this done this week. We could bring this bill up under unanimous consent – the message would be clear to the American people: we heard you in the campaign, be fair, do something that works, work together. This gives us that opportunity.

Alabama Congeressional DistrictsThe Discharge Petition, which would force a vote on ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, only needs 40 more signatures. Is your Representative on the list? So far the only Alabama Rep. to sign is Terri Sewell (D, AL-07).  She is onboard at number 105, so if you live in her district, call to thank herIf you live in any other district in Alabama -- anywhere outside of the light yellow area on the map -- call your Member of Congress -- and get everyone you know to call -- and pressure them to sign the discharge petition to extend middle class tax cuts. Remember, a Congressional member's voicemail box getting full because so many constituents called and asked them to sign something can have an incredibly strong impact.

Nancy Pelosi also had something to say about the Boehner House's two day workweek at a press conference after Boehner sent the House home for the week.

Q: Madam Leader, the Republicans have left town, they’re not here, you haven’t mentioned it yet but there is no Congress, I mean there is no House because the Republicans have left town. What’s your response to that?

Leader Pelosi. No, we most certainly should be here and it came as quite a surprise. And I’m really surprised that the Republicans would leave – we came in Tuesday and we left Wednesday at twelve o’clock noon – with all that needs to be done, avoiding the conversation – sounds like people don’t want to be in town for some reason. And the reason is, is because we are asking them to sign the discharge petition to urge their – if they don’t want to sign it – to urge their leadership to pass middle income tax cuts, which is the liberation, which is the freeing from the hostage taking, which is the setting the table for what can come next once we understand that we’re holding the middle class harmless as we go forward.

These folks get paid $174,000 a year.  Why are our Representatives only working 2 days a week?  They work for you.  Be sure to ask them to get back to work, NOW, when you call your Member of Congress -- and tell them to keep working as long as it takes to take care of business.  If the discharge petition gets 218 signatures the earliest the vote can be held is Christmas Eve.  That will be inconvenient for Members of Congress (blame John Boehner's intransigence) but preserving the $2200 per household middle class tax cut is a better Christmas present to the American people than anything Santa has in his bag.  Congress needs to get this done, with or without John Boehner.

mooncat :: Nancy Pelosi Challenges GOP To Put Up Or Shut Up On Middle Class Tax Cuts ... & Get Back To Work
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Isn't 178 the same number of signers as yesterday? Has the petition maxed out? Even among Dems?


More importantly, since no Republicans will sign it anyway, why are we not hearing much more about the discharge petition in the mainstream media? That's the primary purpose of the petition (to publicly pressure the Rs). Why aren't Pelosi, Hoyer and others on the talk shows making a big splash so the petition gets covered by the media a lot more than it has been? There should be daily headlines. Where's the creativity? It's not enough to preach to the choir (and the deaf party) on the House floor.



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