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Testing One Two Three???

by: She

Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 22:20:56 PM CST

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It was not that many years ago that I discovered I was not a conservative. I was born and raised here in Alabama, and I  figured everybody else was like me.  But boy was I wrong.

I worked mostly straight-time away from Alabama for 20 years, in the oil field. I had to do that to make the same money the men made. Coming home 3 times a year for 21 days each time, I was not exposed to the changes occurring in Mobile. 

Then I got married to the man I'd been engaged to 50 years before, an Irishman from Massachusetts.  I rediscovered the person I was back then--a liberal-thinking Democrat--and realized why I was different from those around me in present day Mobile.

It is very disheartening to find NO alternative to a GOP candidate on the ballot. It is also very unnerving to think how hazardous it is to be targeted for vandalism if I want to display my support for the President. It is also aggravating to have the US Senator who lives in Mobile not be willing to listen to an alternate reality. My opinion is, if he's not part of the solution, he's part of the problem.  

One of my goals for Alabama is to make US a "swing state" for future elections. I'd really like to see how the votes were spread around the state for this past election. If Democrats got 38% of the vote and we were less than half a million from the Romney total, I think we have a chance of besting them, or making them sweat. I've heard a lot of remarks about the obsolescence of the GOP as the old white man party.  And with redistricting themselves where they put the minorities separate, they are painting themselves into a corner....sort of like the old days when they gave Oklahoma to the Indians and it wound up being full of black gold! 

You cannot say that women are a minority, even though we've acted like second class citizens willingly. Allowing ourselves to be slandered and shamed into being afraid to assert our beliefs, abandon our rights. I was a little older than many of the younger women's libbers, and like a breaking wave, I was caught in the turmoil and foam of that wave, taking very hard knocks during my working days. Now I see the backlash coming at women, and I am furious that women are once again losing ground.  

No argument about life being precious. However, our body is our own. I'm willing to bet that the people who want to tell a woman what to do will be the same folks who want to privatize the prisons and then harvest the organs of those prisoners for organ transplants. After all, they want to make everything show a profit.

I found LEFTINALABAMA.COM back before the election, when I was looking for like-minded folks. I'm only now exploring how to use the site, and will be pleased if anyone corrects my mistakes or wrong assumptions. I saw no local races to support, so I supported Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts because she is FIRST CLASS. Her presence in the Senate is a blessing to us all.


She :: Testing One Two Three???
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Welcome Aboard, She (4.00 / 1)

I like the way you think.

I'm kind of like you in looking for an alternative to the "conventional wisdom" in this state, which is so pervasive and turns out to be so consistently wrong.

You're right, Elizabeth Warren is a blessing in the Senate. We will need her in the fight with Third Way Dems whose compromising ways may include a deal to privatize Social Security and Medicare.

Again, welcome!



"This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. This is about the whole system being against us." - an Occupy protester at Obama's Des Moines office.

Save the Safety Net (4.00 / 1)

We need to fight against ANY reduction in Social Security and Medicare.  Privitization is the Holy Grail of Wall Street for the billions of fees they would be able to extract from the private retirement accounts, but slashing the safety net at all would just increase the suffering of the poor and elderly.  

The other parts of the "Grand Bargain" (i.e., Great Betrayal), cutting Federal spending and/or raising taxes, would be devastating to our economy and would throw us back into a recession or even a depression.

For those of you with an interest in economics:

GDP equals Private Spending plus Net Government Spending plus Net Exports. 

Therefore, if we reduce government spending we will reduce public sector demand and if we increase taxes we will reduce private sector demand.  Since our most basic economic problem right now is a lack of sufficient aggregate demand to employ everyone who wants a job, reducing either public or private sector demand is just going to make things worse.

It is my sincere belief that everyone needs to understand the way our fiat monetary system actually works.  Most mainstream economists do not.  They are still stuck thinking as though we are still on the gold standard which was abandoned in 1933/1971.

I will be glad to expand on this and answer any questions others may have.

And...many thanks to those of you who started and run this blog.  I just found it recently and I am pleased to see such a forum for progressives in Alabama.


Welcome zman-mobile (0.00 / 0)

I'm so glad you found this blog.  We need more people who can help decipher economist-speak and help the rest of us understand what's really going on.

IMO, all this austerity crap -- which is failing big time in Europe -- is incredibly dangerous to what is left of the American middle class.

Work harder and work smarter!

[ Parent ]
Trail of Tears? Do I Deport Myself? (4.00 / 1)

I read SaintSatinStain's remark about the days of the McGovern run for the Presidency.

Back then, my daddy, who was a life long Democrat, could not bring himself to vote for McGovern. Too liberal, too much socialistic perhaps, so after much thought, he voted for Nixon. I'll tell you, when the Watergate debacle hit the news, Daddy was heart broken. He felt morally responsible for what happened to the country and the tainted Presidency. He swore he'd never vote again for a Republican.

I'm trying to figure out this website and how I am supposed to make a new entry without hitching it to my first ONE TWO THREE? Something I'm not getting? Do I create a BLOG somewhere? I follow the links to sites re Politics In Alabama, which is most interesting to me.

BTW, I received one of those FWD thingies about Nagasaki VS Detroit. Lots of pictures showing the devastated city after the bomb fell. Question asked was what about the lifetime of radiation there and yet it was rebuilt. Shwed pictures of the city today, vibrant and very prosperous. Then it showed the state of Detroit with the vacant buildings every bit as bad as a war zone album. Then the punch line.....all this was after the government programs doled out money to folks who refused to work or take responsibility for themselves.Japan has no Social Security it says. No government programs to help non performers.....  How do you fight something like this? It makes it difficult to carry on a civilized conversation with neighbors or friends, or even family. Things are repeated so often it smacks of brainwashing, and folks don't even question the logic. When this kind of hatred brews long enough, like Louisiana dark roast coffee after 24 hours, it can end up corroding the pot. 

I am getting too old to endure many more election periods like this one. I was filled with apprehension and stress ruled my life for this entire year. And the fight isn't over even now. Will it become a second Reconstruction? That time in Alabama, after the War Between The States (proper name for the war according to my grandma), the churches were split, the young people chose spouses from only a few families who were "politically correct." My family ended up with a lot of "double first cousins" if you know what that means. My grandma grew up during Reconstruction. When I asked her about the same family names showing up on Union and Confederate rosters, she told me, "Let the dead rest in peace."  

Well, Lefties, give me a clue if I am clueless so I can write to communicate, not talk to myself. Thanks, and goodnight.

I remember the Nixon-McGovern choice (0.00 / 0)

And, while he never said, I've always wondered if my Daddy may have voted for Nixon in '72 -- even though he was a lifelong Democrat.  But maybe not ... he didn't like Nixon one bit as I recall from the discussions in 1968.  But it's a democracy, and we get what we get and have to live with it.

How to make a new entry, start a new thread, or whatever you want to call it:  This is easy once you know the trick.  Look in the upper right corner of the page under MENU.  There should be a "New Diary" link up there right below "She's page".  Just click on that and start your new entry.  I hope you'll do it soon because I really like where you're coming from. 

The misinformation on the right is monumental and can't be called anything less than propaganda.  Did you hear last week that Roger Ailes of Fox said "We don't -- I know no one believes it -- we have no agenda."  The fact that he wasn't struck down on the spot for telling such a whopper calls the whole concept of god into question.

Work harder and work smarter!

[ Parent ]
Yep, come (0.00 / 0)
come and correct us, school usl, and yea, yes learn from us when we're not ignorance influence, but humane, rational, and moral.

Qui bibit, dormit; qui dormit, non peccat; qui non peccat, sanctus est; ergo qui bibit sanctus est.



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